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Developer’s special gift to new residents

17 Aug 2020

Developer’s special gift to new residents August 2020 Early purchasers who bought into a new apartment complex in Sydney’s west have been given the ultimate thank you present from developers…

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The cultural chasm

26 Jun 2020

It can be difficult to get a real sense of a company’s culture until you are in it. The truth about culture cannot be found in policies, engagement surveys, workshops or even perks. It is just there. A feeling. A natural way of doing things. A respect and a loyalty that other businesses may aspire to but struggle to achieve.

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What has safety got to do with your success?

02 Jun 2020

Safety is an ideology, it is a mindset and above all, a habit. How we choose to approach safety is a result of our choices and the ability to choose the right path. To adopt a pragmatic attitude, and to portray a demeanour that influences others to be safe, not be influenced by others’ mediocrity or archaic attitudes.

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Being the leader your people need you to be

27 Apr 2020

Look around the world right now at how things are being done.

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Developer joins forces with ‘loan matcher’ to keep first home buyers in the game

11 Mar 2020

Developer builder Eastern Pacific has pledged to help first home buyers
purchase property with as little as $10,000 in a bid to help them stay in the market as prices
begin to climb.

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