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Being the leader your people need you to be

27 April 2020

Look around the world right now at how things are being done.

In governments, multinational listed companies, long running family businesses with hundreds or a handful of employees and two- or three-person boutique firms, you will see one of two things happening.

Strong leaders guiding their people through this extraordinary time with strength, courage and focus. And others getting it completely wrong.

COVID-19 is shining an enormous spotlight on all leaders, but it also highlights why good leadership is important in all aspects of society.

Good leaders believe in a compelling outcome and inspire others to believe in that same outcome or vision. All the while exuding a sense of surety that no matter what, they will be there to lead in the true sense of the word.

Wanting to lead, but without a core sense of what exactly you’re leading means there’s a degree of uncertainty. Why? Because leadership comes secondary to a vision.

In the 1960s a small company called Nucor became the largest steel manufacturer in the world thanks to the vision of a man called Ken Iverson. Iverson’s attitude was all about teamwork. Bringing his people together to achieve a common, clearly defined goal. It sounds simple but it set Nucor apart from its competitors.

Leaders like Ken Iverson have been a huge influence at Eastern Pacific, not because of what they have achieved but how they achieved it.

It’s important to have an inception of thought, a call to action, and an outcome. Once you can demonstrate that the outcome is successful and good for the business and your people, it inspires trust in your team.

Our vision and purpose creates a sense of certainty and control. To have purpose in what we do means, at a company level, there’s belief and integrity in the team.

Whether it’s a crisis or whether it’s a boom, leaders who have mastered their why and know how to bring their people towards a clear vision together are the ones who can deal with almost anything.


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