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The cultural chasm

26 June 2020

It can be difficult to get a real sense of a company’s culture until you are in it. The truth about culture cannot be found in policies, engagement surveys, workshops or even perks. It is just there. A feeling. A natural way of doing things. A respect and a loyalty that other businesses may aspire to but struggle to achieve.

For those who run companies and those who work in them alike, the difference between genuine and inauthentic culture can be the very real difference between success and failure.

Building on the legacy of your father in a business can be a daunting task. But growing and expanding a family business can also mean that a positive, thriving, healthy workplace culture is not something you have to whiteboard.

At Eastern Pacific, it is only possible to be proponents for industry change and transform the future for the greater good, because of the pillars that support us, and those pillars are our people.

Being at the helm of Eastern Pacific has become one of the greatest, ongoing accomplishments of my professional life. I owe this all to our team’s unending support, limitless passion, and communal vision.

One of the things I love most about our company is welcoming new people onboard. Training them, encouraging them to always strive for excellence, watching them develop and reach their potential and goals – this is what provides me with more satisfaction than any project ever could.

Each member of our team is encouraged to participate in the decision-making process, they have the opportunity to invest a piece of themselves in all they do. A supportive team culture promotes camaraderie, which inspires compassionate actions towards peers.

There is an unprecedented amount of strength and opportunity that can come from investing in people who want to be invested in. When one person achieves something, it is contagious, setting off a chain reaction causing a shift in other people.

I’ve realised through this experience, that it’s our team who form the fabric that is etched deep within our culture. Eastern Pacific’s culture is about commitment to the fulfillment of its goals and passion, it’s about family, it’s about respect and it’s about loyalty.

This gives me reason to ensure Eastern Pacific stands beyond tomorrow, because not only do I depend on it, but our people, their families, their goals, their purposes and their future also depend on it.

And even though we live and work in an uncertain industry, we focus only on what we can control, and that is what separates us from everyone else – the ability to provide certainty.


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