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What has safety got to do with your success?

2 June 2020

Safety is an ideology, it is a mindset and above all, a habit. How we choose to approach safety is a result of our choices and the ability to choose the right path. To adopt a pragmatic attitude, and to portray a demeanour that influences others to be safe, not be influenced by others’ mediocrity or archaic attitudes.

No matter what your cause is, the inconvenient obstacle in achieving it will always be the lack of safety.

Want to be successful in your field? It starts with safety. Want to grow with your partner and start a family? It starts with safety. You quite literally, physically, need to be able to survive – even more importantly – sustain a decent quality of life – to be able to achieve your cause.

And with this, we arrive to the crux of why this wisdom is even at all relevant.

If we let ourselves be influenced by the lack of safety from our subcontractors, and use them, and any other conceivable circumstances as an excuse, then there’s a good chance you blame a lot of your problems on other people or other circumstances.

If we consciously walk past the same piece of rubbish, hazard or risk each day waiting for someone else to clean or make-safe, then there’s a certain chance that just as many times as you pass that problem without fixing it, the opportunity to grow and achieve your cause, passes you.

Do not take your day for granted, and do not think that tomorrow is guaranteed. If you want your work area to be safe – it starts with you, not others. If you are concerned with a subcontractor’s or other staff member’s lack of safety – say and do something, don’t just complain about it and ignore it. Confrontation solves problems and saves lives, being passive kills.

Finally – adopt the attitude that if it’s not safe for your children, then it’s not safe at all.

Safety is more than just a buzzword, it’s a commitment. And that’s why to be successful you need to be committed, not just compliant, every single day.


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